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 Worldwide Ferry:
 Any type aircraft, Transport to Cessna, we have an unequalled group of full time, experienced and current, International pilots specializing in demanding and challenging movements. More info
 Aircraft Sales:
 Representing buyer or seller.  Specializing in aircraft that are out of inspection or require maintenance.  Utilizing our on staff personnel to locate, inspect, obtain ferry permits, fly, and perform required maintenance and refurbishment for speculative interests.  New and late model aircraft in association with a small group of trusted brokers. More info
 Overflight/Landing Permits: Our experience based history and knowledge of cultural, social, and national customs plus our extensive list of personal contacts throughout the world allow us to procure a wide array of exclusive permits often on short notice. More info
 International Trip Planning: Customized itineraries deciphering local and UTC times/dates built to meet your schedule.  24/7 support prepared to update and make changes when necessary. Our vast data base of worldwide handlers, gleaned through years of trial and error, ensure that your exacting requirements and demands are met.  Customs and Immigration, hotels, transportation, ground services, weather, slots, catering, are all part of the stress factor we strive to relieve so that when you land, a simple confirmation of logistics is all that’s required. More info
 Contract Pilots: Limited quantity - PIC/SIC - Some Part 121/135/JAR/Flight Safety/Simuflite current.  Domestic and International.  Specializing in LRJET, G159, G1159, GIV, GV (including 350, 450, 500, 550) A320, B727, B757, B767, MD-11 – Ask for current resources.  More info
 Very specialized staff trained and proficient in high end market. Discreet yet personal. Well seasoned in international operations. All have attended formal certification. First class gourmet food preparation and wine presentation backgrounds. More info
 Manuals: Former Part 135/Corporate, International Captain on staff; specializing in International, RVSM, MEL, Part 125, FAA approved  manuals. More info
 GII, GIII Maintenance: Unique traveling team.  GII, GIII minor inspections to heavy maintenance (depot level) including sheet metal and composite repairs.  Our mission is to save you money.  By sending a team to you, we can alleviate the costs associated with ferry, overhead, fees, and dead time not pertinent to your aircraft.  We work with your staff, your hangar, and your equipment.  This approach provides up to the minute status and part verification.
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 Pre-purchase/Pre-buy Inspections: Unique traveling team.  We can save you big money by sending our team to you.  In-depth or limited inspections tailored to your specifications including log book review, and Borescope.  GI, GII, GIII, GIV, Sabreliner, Falcon, Challenger 601, Challenger 604. 
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 DER/DAR, 337: FAA Designated Engineering, and Designated Airworthiness Representatives on staff.  FAA form 337’s, Navigation systems, RVSM kits, Ferry Permits, internal/external modifications, STC conformity.  Specializing in unusual and atypical installations such as hard points, external launchers and defense related adaptations. More info
 Avionics: Unique traveling team.  Expert technical repair, install, and troubleshooting.  Analog to flat panel specializing in Universal, Sperry, Collins, Rockwell and Honeywell.  GII, GIII, GIV autopilots.  Flight Management Systems, Radars, Proline II/VI radios, INS, and basic airframe background systems. More info
 Insurance: Pilots, Owner/Operators, Mechanics as well as any other aviation related field.  Industry leading expert and broker specializing in challenging policies.  Fleet coverage, Contract Pilots, Ferry, European riders, Mexico riders, Hangar Keeper, and numerous other complex aviation products.  All aviation associated domains quoted.  Impeccable, Unconditional, and Unmitigated customer service and claim support. More info
 Aircraft Charter – Fixed Wing:  


 GI, GII, GIII, Learjet, Citation.  For the most discerning passenger(s) with capacity up to 15 persons depending on aircraft type.  Domestic or absolute Worldwide authority granted by the FAA.  These aircraft are crewed by experienced, current, and exceptional teams from one of the FAA’s most prodigious certification programs.  DOD certified and inspected.
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 Anything that will fit into an airplane.  The primary fleet consists of cargo versions of the above aircraft with Worldwide authority.  For oversized or high gross weight cargo requiring air transport category capacity, sub-service can be arranged under the incumbent operating authority. More info


 Division 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 explosives, Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hazardous materials as defined by the FAA and ICAO.  These dangerous goods can only be moved under special license and require extensive regulatory compliance.  Operator holds permanent D.O.T. exemption. More info

Air Ambulance:

 Specializing in International movements.  GIII Single Patient VIP, GIII Multi-Patient, and long range Lear Jet 36.  Over 20 years experience in civilian and Department of Defense medical evacuations.  These fully equipped and dedicated aircraft along with on staff Medical personnel provide the premier airborne Intensive Care Unit.  Program and all crews CAMTS certified. More info
 Aircraft Charter – Helicopter:  


 Bell 412EP, 407, 206L, 206B.  FAA part 133, 135, and 137 Operator.  With aircraft based in the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic, Central US, and Southern California, most any passenger movement can be accommodated.  Tours, VIP charter, Entertainment, Gift flights, Anniversary packages, Airport Shuttles.  One of the most respected and sought after providers of transport to NASCAR and other sporting events. More info

Specialist Flights:

 Aerial Photography, External load lift, Law Enforcement,  Search and Rescue, News Gathering, Aerial Survey, and Logistics Support are just a few of the unique services offered. More info

Motion Pictures:

 Over 20 years supplying the film, television and music industries with exceptional performance.  Experienced and respected pilots sought individually to cater to the demanding nature of aerial production.  FAA exemptions and waivers as well as an FAA approved Motion Picture and Television Flight Operations Manual in place to cover the precarious nature of movie demands.  Camera mounts include: Tyler, Pictorvision (formerly Wescam), Spacecam, Continental, all types of gyro stabilized platforms, and many of the latest technology experimental mounts.  Movie pilots are members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). More info 


 Bell Helicopter Customer Service Facility.  Authorized service center for Bell 206 / 212 / 222 / 230 / 407 / 412 / 430 series.  General/Major maintenance, Parts Sales, Dynamic Component Overhaul, and complete aircraft painting. More info
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